Ways to Get Ready For a Yoga Teacher Training Program

Isn’t it exciting? You have made the huge decision to take a yoga teacher training and the starting time is around the corner. I always get queries from learners about what to do before it starts. If you are also wondering what you may need to do, here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Get the basic books you should “looking” at them. Don’t make yourself “read” things, but just go with them, making it fun. “Look” through them all, studying what is exciting to you. This can help you get a good picture ahead of time. Ensure it is fun, no tasking needed. When you are in it and working on homework that will be time for reading the books. The more you get to know the books, the simpler it will be to keep up with the homework later on.

2. Organize your life. Sort out your clothing and be sure you have some extra lingerie, socks, and maybe even a few additional items of yoga clothing. Once you get began, doing the washing on a consistent basis will not be as it seems. If you can, pay some cash for the work to be done in advance. Make plans in your home/life so that things can go on as normal, with as little effort as possible.

3. Eat whatever you want. Once you start it, it will be sensible to have an eating plan to help you have the energy that you need to keep up. So, have that soft ice and enjoy it! (Just don’t have one every day, or you will have difficulties walking into the training!)

4. See your family members and friends. Socialize. Go out and do things that you’ve intended to do together. Have fun.

5. Say goodbye to your family members and buddies. Once the training starts, you really won’t have a time for anything but studying, resting, working and being in it. Pan some child-care help, if you can, from family members or a good friend.

6. Have fun. Travel. If you are getting a teacher training in your home-town, travel and get out of town. If it’s away from home, stay home and rest.

7. Rest in. Take an image of yourself when resting, to remember that you have had the encounter, and you will not likely have it again in the long run.

8. Take good care of any ongoing projects. Get taxation done first. Get holiday shopping done in advance. Take your car in for checkup, so that all is in working order. Deal with huge projects at work, and get as much done as possible before it starts.

Remember that the secret to success is to enjoy and let it leave us when it’s time, with open hands. The time before the teacher training could be described as a Sattvic time, before the transformation that certainly may occur from studying more about yourself. Enjoy now. Just don’t hang on to it. When everything is all over, you will find yourself coming back to for more teaching again.