Attaining the “Yoga” Body and Spirit: Is It Possible?

Theoretically, yoga is a means to attain the perfect unison of mind, body and spirit. At the very heart of ancient yogic wisdom is the belief that this ancient practice is actually a well-defined path leading to self-realization and the ultimate evolution of universal consciousness.

However, there are many among us, who keep on complaining that the modern yoga instructors and teachers are too focused on perfecting physical postures with too little attention to its “psychological” facet. Yes, there are a few centers that do include meditation but then there are others that completely do away with meditation as well.

There so many among us who keep on questioning the slow but steady demise of the “spiritual” element of yoga. It was more than two thousand years ago when Patanjali, the famous sage had clearly expounded on the system of yoga where he had put little emphasis on physical exercise. Pranayama, however, was given precedence. It has also been pointed out that earlier, pranayama and hatha yoga practices were so important that there was no need to mention them when we uttered the word “yoga”. They were synonymous. People automatically understood that one’s practice was incomplete with these elements. People, in general, lived very harmonious lives on those days – so much so that they didn’t even need to be “painstakingly” attentive to body consciousness.

So, the question is – “Is it even possible to have yoga body and spirit today?” Let us explore our answer to this particular question.

Estimating possibilities

Now, much to the joy of those seeking to nourish their spiritual fact, it is not totally impossible to attain the much-coveted union of mind, body, and spirit even when we are all too worried about the modern emphasis on body consciousness. How can we ensure that? We will find out!

You can begin your entire spiritual pursuit with a thorough self-analysis. At first, try and figure out where you stand spiritually. With all the materialistic or worldly temptations today, it does get difficult for us to attain the spiritual balance. However, you can still think about attaining your goals by being a little observant and introspective. Where do you stand spiritually in this materialistic world? What role do the four basic urges – namely, food, sleep, sex and your efforts of self-preservation play in your life? It is important to regulate these urges as you continue expanding your yogic horizon. If you fail to regulate them properly you will actually not be able to experience the positives that life has to offer you.

There are many centers that say that pranayama should be practiced only after you have mastered the asanas. However, let’s not forget that it takes years to perfect asanas. So instead of holding your pranayama for so long, you can actually practice both the postures and meditation simultaneously and keep on monitoring your spiritual framework on a constant basis.

In short, it is not altogether impossible to aim for a spiritual and physical harmony if your endeavors are geared in accordance.