Living Invisible

Living Invisible

The story I’m about to share with you is a true one. Many men and women from all over the world suffer excruciating hurt, pain, and deep embarrassment due to being overweight. Being overweight is nothing to laugh at. In many cases people develop deep resentment towards life and fall into an unfathomable depression. The reason how I know such things is due to me being overweight myself at one time for over two years. It was by far one of the most painful and lonely periods of my life.

Back in 2003 I had ballooned up to about 310 lbs and looked like a prized pig at the county fair. This was not one of my better periods in my life. I was so overweight that people ignored me everywhere I went. It was like I was invisible. People treated me like I had contracted a deadly disease. I felt alone and just wanted to die. I did not know that people could be so harsh and cruel.

It had gotten to the point that I dreaded seeing my reflection in the mirror and soon took all mirrors down in my home. I did not want to be reminded of how I looked. It was much easier to deal with the pain by doing so. After a while, even my so-called friends stop wanting to be around me. Instead of finding comforting words from people I knew, all I got was fat jokes and peoples voice mails. I was invisible. No one could see me. It was awful. I would not wish this on my worse enemy.

Many people have experienced the same things that I have experienced and are still suffering from the agony that obesity can cause. Some people never recover from the mental mutilation they suffered and end up taking their life. For many, living is not an option.

After several years I turned my sights on doing something about my obesity. I knew that if I did not do something about this disorder that I would no longer want to live. I always wondered how someone could take their own life voluntarily. After experiencing what I experienced back in 2003-2004 I understood without any doubt how someone could take their own life. The pain and misery I suffered was almost unbearable.

I began to learn about eating properly and dieting. I wanted more than anything to get my old life back and to help others that were suffering from the same disorder I was suffering from. I did not want anyone to have to endure the same pain that I endured. No one deserves to be ignored and shunned their entire life. I am a witness that if you truly want to live again that it is possible. Don’t let another day pass you by without trying to end the pain and misery you are now experiencing. Nothing is worth more than your happiness and peace of mind.