Healthy Eating – Manage Your Eating Disorder By Using Your Witness Function

Healthy Eating – Manage Your Eating Disorder By Using Your Witness Function

Whatever the reason behind triggering your eating disorder, what is equally important is building your treatment plan to help you move forward. It is vital to know you do not have to suffer alone as there are many good treatment centers and therapists out there to help people overcome an eating disorder, which can include…

  • emotional eating,
  • binge eating, to
  • undereating, and
  • bulimia.

There are a great many practices you can turn to help you. Mindfulness practice means the same thing as witness function, it just depends who might help you overcome your eating disorder. Both have the same objective which is to help you become more in the moment, witnessing your thoughts as they happen but actively and consciously choosing not to act on them.

All too often an eating disorder behavior is triggered by an emotional moment, that can leave us feeling…

  • scared,
  • unhappy,
  • unloved,
  • guilty, or
  • ashamed

and it all started with a thought that did not need acting on, but we thought it did. We thought it must be real for it to appear in the first place. But this is not true, not all thoughts need acting on, and you have the right to screen them and be in control of which ones you do act on.

Have you ever given this a go? I know many people with all kinds of problems, not just those with eating disorders. They now witness their thoughts and not act on them. Set yourself a challenge and for one whole day actively witness thoughts that come into your head, and consciously choose whether or not to act on them.

Even if you are considering acting on one of your thoughts you feel may be important – give it 90 seconds, and if after this time you still think it is important and needs to be acted on, then it may mean it genuinely is important to you.

  • if you do not still feel so passionately about the thought then just let it go and carry on with your day. Or
  • you can write it down and choose to come back to it later giving you a chance to focus on all you have that is good right then at the moment.

Although it may seem difficult to not act on all the thoughts we get into our head, understanding thoughts are just thoughts and may not necessarily be real, is a vital step in helping to become mentally stronger and push back when an eating disorder behavior seems like the best solution to try. And as you go through actively witnessing thoughts and not acting on them, or just being more mindful, then you will start to see how breaking this pattern of eating disorder behavior will help you move forward to a happier and more confident you.