A Wet VS A Dry Sauna – Benefits and How They Work

If you are considering building a sauna in your home, there are factors you will want to consider before beginning the project. The first is deciding which type of sauna you will need. There are two general types: a wet sauna, and a dry sauna. Both work differently and have varying benefits, so knowing them may be an important part of your decision.

A sauna that uses a wood burning stove, or a more modern electric stove can be used as a wet or dry sauna. The difference will depend on the temperature and humidity inside. Wet home saunas are often called steam saunas. Most saunas today use a heater and some type of volcanic rocks. In both cases, the rocks are heated to a high temperature. The main difference between a wet and dry sauna is the water that is splashed over the rocks in a sauna that is wet. Because the rocks are heated to such an extreme temperature, the water vaporizes very quickly causing steam to form. In a dry sauna, there is no water, just heated rocks.

When you sit in a wet sauna, you sweat, which causes unwanted toxins to leave your body. It is also believed that using a wet sauna on a regular basis can decrease one’s chances of certain illnesses because many viruses cannot live in such high temperatures.

Dry saunas are believed to relieve tension and stress, stimulate blood circulation, and help rejuvenate the skin through perspiration. As with a wet sauna, using a dry sauna will cause sweating to occur, thus invoking some of the same benefits of a wet sauna. In a dry sauna, the heat is much more tolerable, but the actual effect on the body is better because the heat is reaching it directly, thus producing results more quickly. Because the body still produces sweat, humidity is present, so the body is still cooled and toxins leave in much the same way as with a wet sauna. It is believed, however, the process takes place more quickly with dry heat, and that it is possible to spend more time in the sauna and reap the benefits for longer because of its tolerability.

Whether you choose to install a wet or dry sauna, make sure you are aware of all risks and benefits that may be associated with owning it. It is important to follow all directions and use it correctly. By dong so, you will receive more enjoyment and may remain healthier in the process.