Destroying The Acne Myths!

Adult Acne is sometimes thought to be the same as the acne that you suffered from puberty, but it is not. Many people have preconceived of ideas on how to deal with acne, and there are a lot of misconceptions that float around of the causes of acne. Hopefully, this condensed list of acne myths will help shed light on acne.

Myth 1: Food (specifically chocolate and fatty foods) causes acne

There is no evidence that food is the cause of acne. Many people are quick to blame their outbreaks on food and their diet, but often this is just an excuse. Some say their outbreaks are worse when consuming specific types of food, and the only advice I can offer them is to avoid those foods or cut back. Indulge yourself with that chocolate bar, it is not the culprit!

Myth 2: Popping pimples helps clear up the acne

Although popping pimples does work, often it is only a temporary solution. More often then not you will have pimples re-appear weeks later in the same spots where you last popped the pimple. When popping a pimple, bacteria will spread to the skin which could lead to more acne. Also, when attempting to pop a pimple, the pimple could become worse because the bacteria are being squeezed even further into the skin.

Myth 3: More acne cream is better

This is a big no. Acne cream works by absorbing the oil, and by applying too much of it can cause the are to become irritated and super dry. Applying too much cream will make the area appear worse because the cream might make the skin start to flake off. More is NOT better.

Myth 4: Tanning clears up the skin

Another resounding NO. Tanning will not clear up the skin or prevent acne. It may appear it does, but it is likely due to the skin becoming a close pigment color to that of the acne

Myth 5: Washing the face a lot prevents acne

When washing your face, it should not be done more than twice a day with a mild soap. Washing too often will irritate the skin and could make the acne worse. Because acne is formed deep inside the pores, washing the face will have no effects on it. Next time you wash your face, use mild to hot water and mild soap, and when done, pat your face gently with a wash cloth. Rubbing your face with a wash cloth will just irritate it.