Acne – Treat Acne With Benzoyl Peroxide For Quick Results

Acne treatment is becoming more complicated with new drugs coming to the market everyday. All these drugs promise immediate and sure treatment of acne. What about the good old benzoyl peroxide? Let us discuss.

Acne treatment-

How do you treat acne? To clear acne one must address the causes. Acne forms because of clogged sebaceous glands on our sin. These glands are connected with hair follicle and produce sebum. Sebum is the oiliness of the skin. When the gland produces more sebum, and dead skin cells accumulate, they block the pore of the gland. Now you have a balloon full of dead skin cells and sebum. The bacteria P.acnes infect this gland and produces pus inside the gland. This is the moderate or the sever stage of acne. As the gland expands with more sebum, pus and dead skin cells, it bursts after some days. That causes the liquid mass flows out and may form a scar is the acne forms deeper.

Acne and benzoyl peroxide-

Benzoyl peroxide is available in almost all forms of skin care- creams, gels, liquids, lotions, soap etc. Benzoyl peroxide acts in three ways. It kills the bacteria in acne. It opens closed acne pores and it removes excess oiliness from the skin. This way benzoyl peroxide treat acne by reducing excess sebum, disinfects acne by killing the bacteria and by opening the pore, it opens the gland and no accumulation takes place. Acne is cured.

Acne- how best to use benzoyl peroxide?

Patience is the first key. No acne treatment will clear acne overnight. It may take weeks before you see visible results. Apply benzoyl peroxide gel or cream twice a day after washing face. Apply all over the face even if acne is absent in some places. In the beginning some flare up may occur forming more acne but that settles over time and all the acne slowly clears.

Acne- precautions in use of benzoyl peroxide-

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, ask your doctor. If you have active eczema, you may irritate the skin further. If you are using other topical on the same place you may have a problem . Please consult your doctor in these cases. Benzoyl peroxide is a sure remedy of acne and is available in OTC. To learn more about acne treatment with topical applications click here- acne treament.