Happy Marriage Should Be Counselled

Marriage is not something that comes as a given and is a Hollywood fairy tale that many of us see in movies and TV shows. It is a lot of hard work and it comes with the wisdom of professionals who can help any couple evolve and grow in time to be closer and happier together. When people get pets they often buy manuals and books about how to take care of these pets. But when people get married, they just go with it, hoping for the best, without any professional guidance. Maybe that is the reason for such high rates of divorces nowadays. It is not something society should be proud of, and that is where marriage counseling can come in to help all couples out there enjoy stronger, longer marriages.

Romantic love lasts from nine months to two years, and then a deeper, calmer love sets in where people are not that interested in sex but more in friendship and companionship. That can scare a lot of people away and make them feel neglected. When people are in the first stages of passion they often have no time to learn about each other and what they are all about. So when the time comes to settle down and be less passionate they learn that they really don’t know each other. Here they need to decide how to go about the journey and what to do to find compromises all the time.

Marriage is about respect and boundaries. You may not like everything about the spouse but you have to learn to live with it if you are going to remain in the marriage. Very often because people can get divorced they just feel that it is the end of it and they start looking for someone else right away. But if the problem is in the person and how they deal with relationships they will just carry the problems into the next relationship without having resolved anything. That is why it is always better to go for marriage counseling and try to solve the issues before rather than run away from a relationship not knowing what the issues were and if they were fixable at all. Sometimes the underlying problem is stress and if people learn to deal with it they will find they were never irritated with each other in the first place. Other times it can be lack of confidence in one partner and overbearing personality in the other. All of these things can be worked out with a good councilor.

If you work on your marriage and you make it a priority, you will be successful at it. Be realistic and know that love is work, and you should work hard at it.