Fighting Depression From a Bent Penis

No lie, men place a lot of importance on their penis, including its appearance. Most men want to possess a piece of equipment that fits their definition of impressive, which might encompass size, skill, endurance, appearance or other qualities. Often appearance is given a special emphasis, even over penis health, and in such cases, a man with a severely bent penis may feel he comes up short. Worse, a severely bent penis can bring with it performance issues and even physical pain. In such instances, this can all combine to bring about depression of varying degrees. Recognizing this depression and its causes is important in enabling a man to fight it.

Not uncommon

Although some curvature of the penis is not abnormal, when the curvature is significant, it can cause problems. In such cases, a man is typically said to be suffering from Peyronie’s disease. Most often, the cause of the bent penis is a build-up of plaque, often as a result of trauma to the penis. Say a man is hit in the penis with great force; it incurs a wound, and when that wound heals, scar tissue replaces the naturally stretchy tissue, keeping the wounded side of the penis from stretching as far as the opposite side, thus causing the bent penis.

As indicated above, a man might feel self-conscious or ashamed about the way his penis now appears. Moreover, if the curvature is extreme, it may preclude him from easily penetrating a partner sexually. Finally, and to truly add insult to injury, the penis may now experience pain when it becomes erect. All of this can combine to bring about feelings of depression (as well as feelings which often underlie depression, such as anger or sorrow). Some studies indicate that as many as 50% of all men with Peyronie’s disease experience depressive symptoms.

Get help

Men who experience depression related to their bent penis may not even be totally cognizant of it. It helps to know some of the warning signs and symptoms of depression, which include:

– Feelings of sadness or hopelessness, as well as anger or irritability (especially out of proportion to small events)

– Loss of interest in pleasurable activities (often including sex)

– Difficulty sleeping

– Lack of energy and/or focus

– Weight loss or gain

– Guilt or shame

– Frequent thoughts about suicide

Men who experience these or other symptoms of depression should seek professional help.

After working with a patient to understand his specific issues, a professional may recommend different strategies for dealing with depression from Peyronie’s, including:

– Talking openly with partners or trusted friends/family members about his depressive feelings.

– Avoiding social isolation.

– Getting in touch with other men who are experiencing issues related to their bent penis.

– Considering alternative ways to express oneself sexually with a partner, remembering that the emotional benefits of sexual intimacy are as important as the physical pleasures.

– Making sure a man is thoroughly up to date on medical information about Peyronie’s disease, including possible treatment options.

Depression for any reason can be a debilitating problem and can severely and negatively impact a man’s enjoyment of and quality of life. Seeking help is highly urged.

Aside from depression, a severely bent penis may also often be sore and so keeping it in its best possible penis health is advisable. To that end, daily application of a top drawer penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) may be helpful. Ideally, the chosen oil will contain a wide range of vitamins, including A, B5, C, D and E which, being delivered in tropical form directly to the penis, can more efficiently do their job. The oil should also include arginine, an amino acid which plays an important part in causing the blood vessels to dilate, allowing for increased blood flow and increasing tissue health and access to oxygen.