Remedial Massage Can Help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition characterized by the fact that the patient suffers from a state of permanent fatigue that may or may not be accompanied by other various symptoms. Patients who are suffering from this condition can easily treat some of their symptoms and even improve their energy level with the help of what is called remedial massage.

Some of the symptoms that might accompany chronic fatigue syndrome are: headaches, joint pain, unrefreshing sleep, sensitivity to light, cognitive difficulties such as problems concentrating or memory problems, or muscle pain; there are also other more severe symptoms that may take a toll on a person’s life, such as mental or physical exhaustion and even depression due to the permanent low mood and low energy.

As we mentioned earlier, symptoms such as depression or low energy may be improved with the help of remedial massage therapy, due to the fact that it helps the body release endorphins which will improve a person’s mood. Joint and muscle pain can also be easily treated by a few sessions of this particular type of massage and be prevented by regular sessions.

Another important aspect that might help patients who are coping with this condition is stress relief, since stress can be a major disturbance; fortunately, stress can be easily alleviated in just one session of this therapy.

A study in 1999 showed that after 10 days of remedial massage therapy, a group of patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome experienced a decrease in the somatic symptoms they had and less difficulty sleeping. Specialists discovered that the patients cortisol levels decreased and their dopamine levels increased.

This shows that massage of this type can be truly efficient in this condition and similar conditions, and the great aspect of this therapy is the fact that it is a natural type of therapy and everybody can use it without a risk; it is often applied on its own, but you can easily use massage along with your standard medication to make sure that you get an efficient treatment.

Remedial massage can also be combined with other types of natural therapies such as yoga and even acupuncture for better results. Muscle relaxation techniques and regular physical exercise proved to be extremely efficient for those suffering from chronic fatigue symptom when combined with remedial massage.

However, before consulting your massage therapist you have to make sure that the symptoms you are experiencing are indeed caused by chronic fatigue syndrome and not due to other underlying diseases.