7 Questions to Ask a Complementary Training School Before Enrolling

Complementary therapy is a great thing to learn. It can open up new doors to a career in complementary therapy, it can give you new skills and confidence and you can share your knowledge with very grateful friends and family. If you want to learn all about complementary therapy you will probably need to find a good training provider. Finding a good one can be difficult with so many options available; luckily you can find out more information about them before making a decision.

What questions should you ask a training provider before enrolling?

When choosing a training provider for complementary therapy you will go through a selection process. You will probably start by compiling a shortlist which will consider price, course content, expertise and location. The next stage after that will likely consider reviews and you will likely spend a bit of time researching each training school individually. It is at this stage you should prepare some questions to ask them.

Asking questions is a great way to find out a bit more about the school and to see if it will be a fit for you, your personality and your commitments. What questions should you ask though?

Below are a few questions you should interview your potential new training provider with;

1. How long have you existed?

This question won’t always provide you with a meaningful answer as there is always some excellent training providers out there which has just opened. However as a general rule of thumb a school that has been in existence for quite some time is usually good at what they do and therefore will get the students coming through the door.

2. What qualifications/expertise do you have?

You should grill any potential school you might attend about their qualifications and expertise. If you decide to enrol at a training provider you are essentially investing a lot of your time and money there. It is for this reasons you will want to know if they are highly qualified experts who can deliver you the best education.

3. What results do you get/pass success rate?

You wouldn’t enrol at a University or college without considering pass success rates and you shouldn’t enrol at a complementary training provider without checking them either. The higher the success rates the better the education.

4. What do your students say about you?

Quite often a good provider will have student feedback in abundance. Ask to see it and you will get a good feel about the place. Of course they are unlikely to show any negative feedback but if you read the reports carefully you will get a slightly better understanding of how they work.

5. What are the terms and conditions?

A plain, simple and boring question yet significantly important. As with any purchase check the terms and conditions to be aware of any problems that may occur further down the line.

6. What is expected of me financially, physically and mentally?

You will probably be aware of the course price but you may not be aware of any materials and uniform you might need. It is important to find out about this in advance to help you plan, prepare and ponder before enrolling on a course.

7. Do many of your students go into professional complementary therapy?

It may not be your aim to join the complementary therapy industry but a good indicator of the quality of a school will be how many former students have made a success of themselves.

There are likely to be countless other questions you will want to ask a training provider before enrolling and you should really ask them all, but even if you only ask the 7 questions listed above you will reach a greater understanding of what is available.

Don’t forget this is your time and money and you have a right to get the best deal you possibly can.