Hair Analysis – The Roadmap to Wellness

Did you know that your hair has the advantage of long-term memory? Hair is a permanent record, like tree rings. A three-inch strand of human hair will give a six-month history of what’s going on in the body since head hair grows at a rate of about a half an inch a month.

A hair analysis determines exactly what chemicals are inside of you, including radiation, heavy metals like mercury, food chemicals such as aspartame, pesticides, bacteria and more. The hair analysis is the best “roadmap” to view a history of what’s going on inside of you.

What Is a Hair Analysis?

The protein in hair fiber holds the composition of the body tissues for a permanent period. By analyzing the hair fiber composition, a trained eye can tell what toxins have accumulated in the body tissues and what vitamins and minerals are depleted or too abundant causing an imbalance in body function.

By detoxifying unnatural chemicals like mercury and lead, and by replacing specific vitamins individual to your needs, proper health can be restored using nutrition. The human hair analysis can detail these levels.

It can be overwhelming to walk into a vitamin store and wonder out of the thousands of bottles on the shelves, “Which ones do I need?” The hair analysis specifies which supplements your body is lacking, and which, if any, you are too high in. It saves time and money to know exactly what your body needs, or doesn’t need, nutritionally.

My own hair analysis was an important part of my natural healing from Grave’s Disease in 1991. I discovered through my personal recovery, I couldn’t fight what I couldn’t see. The hair analysis is an excellent tool to identify specific toxins, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by them. As with any chemical in solution, food chemicals like aspartame and MSG saturate the body with toxins that penetrate the brain and infuse the bloodstream. Human beings are polluted with over 14,000 food chemicals we are exposed to daily. The hair analysis allows you to ‘see’ what damage these toxins may be causing.

Is the hair analysis really accurate?

The hair analysis is as credible as a standard blood or urine test – maybe more. The key to a good hair analysis is the capability of a credentialed laboratory and the expertise of the practitioner interpreting the results. The American government and law enforcement agencies have depended upon hair analyses for decades to provide conclusive evidence in crime investigations and for drug testing for prison parolees. The cause of death by poisoning can only be determined conclusively via a hair analysis, as in the case of President Andrew Jackson.

A hair analysis is not understood in traditional medicine, but is highly respected in the world of forensics, scientific research, and drug testing. A hair analysis works the same as a soil or water sample to a geologist and engineer – it leaves a permanent imprint of the body’s ‘environment’ within the protein in the hair follicles.

If you want to determine if your well or tap water is polluted, you have a water test performed, right? If you’re drilling for oil, you have a soil test done. So, it is with the human body. If you want to know if toxins are within your tissues, have a hair analysis performed.

Do Medical Doctors Use The Hair Analysis?

One of the shortcomings of the American Medical Association (AMA) is the lack of nutritional education required for medical students. American medical schools promote more of the pharmaceutical philosophy of healing by drugs opposed to a nutritionally based curriculum of natural healing.

Blood and urine tests have value, of course, as those results can identify disease present within the body and they help your doctor determine the amount and kind of drugs and medications needed.

The hair mineral analysis on the other hand, identifies long-term nutritional deficiencies that can be at the root of disease, along with identifying toxic metals within the body that can cause disease. Most traditional medical doctors do not know how to interpret a hair analysis, and therefore, discount them as an important tool in natural wellness.

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