The Step-By-Step Guide to Combating Hair Loss and Achieving Faster Regain

All those ignored clumps of hair in the drain, jokes from colleagues, and the photos of your perfectly bald grandfathers were only making you wait for the doom to happen. Now, that you’re finally balding, at least try to face the truth. And stop worrying as you are not alone, and there are many out there with the same problem. That’s why we have created this list.

Accept That You Have a Problem:

If you pretend the problem doesn’t exist, it will only get worse. Therefore, the first step is to be wary of your position, Look for areas in your scalp you’re losing more hair from. Check your hair line-is it receding too? Initially, people are going to point your condition and not accepting is only going to make it look worse.

Hats and wigs seldom work rather they highlight your condition, even more.

Share your issue with someone

Talk to someone who’s sensible and close. No, not those friends and colleagues who were cracking jokes at you. If baldness runs in your family, then your first uncle might be the best bet if he is balding too. Talk to him and open your heart out. Tell him how you feel. Tell about the embarrassment, the way you always loved your hair, etc. Listen to advice, and in return you might be getting some valuable advice. Absorb it. It will probably help.

Check with some older relatives too who might be already bald. Listen to a few of those stories and draw a conclusion.

Consult a doctor or a hair specialist:

Pick up the phone-don’t be ashamed you’re not the only one–and get an appointment. Take a day off and pick your appointment on weekdays if you’re embarrassed. That way, the number of people noticing you would be lower. Don’t hide anything from your doctor. Share your lifestyle, eating habits, any addiction etc.–or anything he asks for,–and be honest.

Remember, unless the root of your hair loss is identified, a relevant treatment can’t be started. Therefore, thoroughly cooperate with your doctor or hair specialist for a proper diagnosis and start with the treatment part.

Start Treatment:

As soon as you’re diagnosed for the condition that is causing the hair loss, start with the treatment. Start with the treatment as soon as you’re diagnosed for the condition that is causing hair loss. Whether it’s a hormonal, a lifestyle or a genetic cause, the sooner you start treatment, the better the results would be.

Unless genetic, hair loss is treated by eliminating the very cause by the means of food supplements in case of deficiency, or drugs in case of hormonal imbalance.

For genetic (especially male pattern baldness), herbal medicines are preferred for their lower side effects and cost over pharma based drugs. Pharma based medicines like Rogaine should be avoided as they may cause serious side effects, including a reduced sex drive.

Get Diet Smart

No matter what’s causing hair loss, a balanced diet is sure to improve that condition in one way or another. Getting a healthier diet, especially one that is rich in lean proteins, vitamins and minerals, and omega–3 fatty acids can ease your hair loss stress, to an extent.

In addition, get your doctor or hair specialist to prepare a healthy diet plan for you.

Try a New Haircut or Get Shaved

No doubt, the best option to hide your baldness is to shave the remaining hairs. However, there are far more options:

1. Ex–Hawk: The bold way to embrace the hair loss, especially the hairline receding around the temples leaving an extended widow’s peak.

2. Buzz Cut: A buzz minimizes long locks thus giving a uniform look, very helpful with a uniformly receding hairline or light thinning.

3. The Messy Look: A little messiness can cover the trivial thinning and provide you with an elegant new appearance.


Always remember, the longer you wait to start treatment, the more is would be to regain hairs. After all, healthy growth of your hair is in your own hands only.