Star Trac TR4500HR Treadmill – A Review

When you’re searching for a treadmill for your home or club,

you’ll find Star Trac treadmills at the top of your shopping

list, and for good reason. StarTrac has garnered a

reputation for quality and superior machines since their

appearance on the treadmill scene in the 70’s, and has

become sort of the Cadillac of treadmills. The TR4500HR

treadmill is another in their line of great exercise


Star Trac treadmills offer many features, and this one is no

exception. Weighing in at a solid 284 lbs., the 4500 measures

a healthy 20″x62″, thus affording the user room to move! I’m

a big guy, and I appreciated the roominess. The unit has a

maximum user capacity of 350 lbs. Powered by a 2.5hp

continuous speed motor, the Star Trac TR4500HR is capable of

speeds from 0-10 mph, and inclines from 0-15%, (for those of

you with a death wish!) the 4500 is primed with all the

power you need for a great workout! For ease on your knees,

the 4500 features the Impact Absorption System, IAS, which

cushions impact on your ankles, knees, hip and back.

Star Trac treadmills feature a useful and easy to use

display, with a heart rate monitoring system that you can

tie into your target training zone, as well as hundreds of

pre-programmed training selections, all the while recording

your time, distance, speed, calories, laps and pace. The

unit also features a built-in rack for towels, water and

even a stereo, and can handle up to 50 different user id’s.

The in-home warranty is one year parts on the motor and 6

months labor, as well as 90 days on the wearable parts

(grips, belts, pads) and lifetime phone support. I found

this warranty a mite skimpy for a treadmill with it’s

reputation and price (around $6000 but you can do better)

but all in all, for all the bells and whistles that the Star

Trac TR4500HR treadmill brings to the table, you’d be hard

pressed to find a better machine.