The Natural Field Of Behavioral Optometry

Trained medical professionals in the traditional eye care industry such as optometrists and ophthalmologists treat the symptoms of your vision conditions. Optometrists prescribe prescription drugs and glasses for vision correction while ophthalmologists can perform surgeries to treat eye problems. However, the problem with this traditional branch of eye care is the fact that it only masks the symptoms of your vision problems. However, did you know that in the field of optometry that there is another group of medical professionals who are trained to correct eye conditions from a natural point of view? This specialized field of trained medical professionals address every aspect of your vision health while correcting the underlying causes of your vision conditions. These natural eye care professionals are called behavioral optometrists. Therefore, here are the various aspects of natural eye care that the field of behavioral optometry addresses:

Effects of Nutrition on Eye Health: A behavioral optometrist will look at the role that nutritional deficiencies play in poor vision. They will offer nutritional solutions to correct such eyesight problems. They recommend changes in dietary habits to correct and improve vision conditions. For instance, they suggest what foods to eat to improve vision health as well as certain herbs and nutritional supplements to help you improve your vision health the natural way without drugs, surgery or glasses.

Techniques to Release Physical Stress from the Eyes and Body: Behavioral optometry looks at the underlying causes associated with your vision conditions. For example, they correct vision health issues related to stress and tension in the eyes and the body as well. They formulate a program specialized to meet your individual vision correction needs. This is accomplished by prescribing relaxation exercises and eye strain relieving techniques. Additionally, there is an emphasis on techniques to release stress and tension in other areas of the body that are possible contributing factors to poor eyesight.

Eye Exercises: Behavioral optometrists formulate a patient directed program of eye exercises to strengthen, improve, tone and improve the flexibility and focusing power of the eye muscles for better vision without glasses.

Behavioral Optometry Includes Techniques to Relieve Mental and Emotional Stress: The trained professionals in this specialized field of natural vision improvement teach patients meditation techniques and relaxation exercises which release mental and emotional stress for better vision health.

Behavioral optometry is a specialized field of trained medical professionals in the eye care industry that deal with natural techniques and treatments designed to correct vision problems and vision conditions. These techniques unlike those provided by traditional optometrists extend way beyond just treating the symptoms of your eye conditions. However, they also focus on correcting the underlying causes of your vision conditions with effective natural vision correction treatments. These techniques can ultimately, help rebuild and upgrade the natural foundation upon which your vision health system is based upon for better vision without glasses.