Discover the Best Way to Keep “Grandma” Safer at Home: Choosing Senior Technology for Elder Care

Telephone technologies and the Internet have changed the world but when it comes to senior technology, specifically for senior safety at home, newer technologies can be a safety problem for “Grandma”.

Telephones and phone service have been going through a technological revolution for decades but few give thought to the safety trade-offs. When the first cordless phone came out, everyone switched without realizing that cordless phones don’t work in a blackout… an obvious safety concern.

Newer technologies continue to run into similar safety challenges. Think about it… how many times have you reached for your cell phone to find that the battery was dead? I just reached for my new smart phone yesterday…. it was kaput. Now, what if this happened to Grandma in an emergency?

Also, millions have switched to Internet phone services without realizing that when the Cable goes out, so does the phone. Also, cable modems often go out in blackout and cuts off Internet phone services.

A common reason Grandma may need to call for help is when she falls. It’s estimated that half of those over the age of 80 fall at least once a year. According to Yale University Medical School, the chances of surviving are six times greater if an individual who falls is found within an hour.

Now, imagine if Grandma falls and struggles to crawl to the telephone and, after all that effort, the battery is dead! Battery failures and power interruptions can be a life threatening situation. In this case, a good ol’ stretch-cord phones running over plain old telephone service (POTS) could save Grandma’s life, even in a black out. Yet, betting on a good telephone for safety can be a problem… what if Grandma falls in the bathtub and can’t get to the phone?

This is where Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) takes over. The core of PERS is a button Grandma wears 24 hours a day. So, if she falls, all she needs to do is press it. She doesn’t have to fiddle with small keys or smart phone sliding bars and icons. Over the last 30 years, this reliable and simple solution has saved countless lives.

Here are 5 reasons PERS is superior technology for Grandma:

  • 1: PERS operates on a 5-year life battery so no recharging is needed.
  • 2: PERS works for 30 hours if the power goes out (using POTS)
  • 3: it’s waterproof so it even works even if Grandma is in the bathtub
  • 4: The PERS button is with Grandma at all times (not on the recharger)
  • 5: It has ONE BUTTON operation that is simple to use!

New technologies are introduced daily but, for now, the time-proven PERS technology still reigns supreme as the best way to keep Grandma safe at home. Since 1976, LifeFone has been saving lives when seconds count with reliable PERS technology. You can order a PERS now, it just may save Mom’s, Dad’s or Grandma’s life.