A Vaser Lipo Procedure Can Help Remove Unwanted Fat From Your Double Chin

Having a double chin doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re overweight. Genetics, water retention or bad eating habits mean that slim women, are just as susceptible to getting a double chin as anyone else. Double chins and sagging jowls can affect anyone, and can prove difficult to get rid of regardless of your body type, shape and size.

It’s very hard to hide fat under the chin and around the neck unless you keep your head held high all the time, trying to make your profile more flattering. And concealing it with clothing is only possible if you want to spend the rest of your life with a scarf wrapped around your neck.

A double chin can also slowly appear because of lack of exercise. When you put on weight, the fat can settle under your chin, changing the contour of your face and altering your appearance. Unfortunately it’s not possible to spot reduce just your chin, so you will need a full-body weight-loss approach, and focus on reducing all of your body fat to lose your double chin. However, there are no certainties that if you put on weight you’ll gain a double chin or that if you lose weight, your double chin will go.

When there’s a stored layer of fat directly underneath the chin, it can really affect the self-confidence for a lot of adults. Although it’s a condition that’s unlikely to affect younger people, unless they are overweight, they might be prone to suffer from a double chin if their family has a hereditary predisposition to them, or they might naturally retain too much water in the chin area, or their body just might naturally store excess fat.

Vaser liposuction is specially tailored to work well, even on small areas of fat, and is often considered a good choice for delicate areas such as the chin because it’s able to target specific fat, without damaging the surrounding nerves.

The vaser lipo procedure starts with a saline solution injected into the chin, which will numb the area making it a painless process. Following the injection, small incisions are then made in the chin, and a small ultrasonic probe gets inserted, and this probe gives off high frequency energy to loosen the fat cells and smooth them, and the fat can then be removed from the chin using a gentle suction technique.

As the chin is such a small area, the procedure should only take about 30 minutes. Recovery time is also short, although you will need to wear a compression garment on your chin for a short period.