Lower Back Pain: How Can We Help to Relieve It?

As many people who suffer from back pain know there are various ways of treating it. One of the ways that is commonly used is called interventional therapy. This involves the treatment to be used which will block the nerves sending messages between specific areas of the pain and the body that controls the pain we feel. The ways that this can be done is by use of injections (such as steroids), taking of drugs or the use of anesthetics to the affected areas (such as joints, nerves or soft tissue). Another method also used is traction, in which force is applied to the body in order to improve its alignment and therefore help to relieve the pain being felt.

A new method that has been found to be effective for helping relieve lower back pain is by using a TENS machine (Transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation). This a device powered by batteries which send a mild electric pulse through the nerves and helps to block the pain signals received by the brain. Another good form of non-invasive therapy for this sort of problem is Ultrasound. It works by warming the internal tissues of a person’s body and this results in the muscles becoming more relaxed. Because the muscles become relaxed they are in fact releasing the pressure that was previously affecting the area where the pain was located. However, the cost of such treatment may be prohibitive to some people and therefore where else could people look for assistance in treating such an ailment.

They could in fact speak to a local herbalist or Chinese medicine practitioner who may have a more natural remedy that will assist in relieving the pain that they are feeling. Also people may want to try over the counter remedies such as gels, which can rubbed directly in the area that is being affected.

However, a good way of stopping or relieving back pain is to ensure that you sit, stand and lift things correctly at all times. Whilst at work ensure that the chair you are using is effective in helping to ensure your posture is correct and if not then speak to your manager or employer about getting a chair that will place you body in the correct position. When picking things up always remember to bend from the knees and not to bend over just by using your back, this will only result in stress being put on the lower muscles in your back.

I hope you found this article to be of use and look forward to providing you with more tips on how to protect your body and what type of pain relief is best to use.