Having a Fit Back

My friend, Hank, has been a physical fitness buff for years and he has the kind of impressive physique to show for it. He goes to the gym regularly and alternates his weekends between golf and tennis. Despite this level of fitness, Hank still suffers from the same problem that I do: a bad back.

I’ve read somewhere that millions of American men suffer from back pains. That’s no surprise to me. I mean, if even physically fit specimens like Hank suffer from back pains, then all of us potentially can have the same fate. And the pain can sometimes be unbearable. I’ve felt different levels of back pain, ranging from typical aches and pains to nerve-wracking pain that renders me motionless. In some men I know, the pain is so intense that they can’t even enjoy a normal, active lifestyle.

But I know of at least one tried and tested method that can remove back pain and that’s the regular intake of natural health supplements. This means a supplement that is rich in vitamins and minerals, containing the basic essentials such as calcium and magnesium and, ideally, the more novel ingredients such as black haw and devil’s claw. Studies have shown that the most effective supplements for a simple back pain are those that contain Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Health supplements have been proven to increase energy and help the body heal itself. Calcium, for one, is known to be good for the bones and may give your back bone some much needed fortification. Calcium may be all you need to free yourself from nagging back pains.

Magnesium works on our backs by strengthening our bones (like calcium) and helping our body relax. Naturally, a relaxed back eases the pressure and strain on the back.

Herbal tea will not only help our backs but enhance our overall feeling of well-being. Ideally, we would have at least three cups of herbal tea a day.

Black haw is known to have healing powers that can sometimes quickly relieve minor back spasms. Meanwhile, if your back pain is due to arthritis, then devil’s claw is the most effective health supplement you can take.