Back Pain and Tens Units

Do you have constant back pain and don’t know how to relieve it? Well, try a Tens Unit. I have constant back pain, and I do the ice pack for twenty minutes and then a heating pad for twenty minutes. At times that is all I need, but if it doesn’t help I use a Tens Unit, especially when I have a pinched nerve or my back is just hurting from over doing it.

TENS stand for Transcutaneous Electrical Never Stimulation. The TENS unit sends electrical pulses through the skin to the nerves that are hurting.

I use my TENS unit on pinched nerves and also for herniated disk. It helps. It is simple to hook up and turn on to the strength of the electrical pulses you want. The unit comes with lead wires and patches you stick to your back. You place the patch on the area that is bothering you and hook the electrodes to the patches, and then plug the lead wires into the unit. You can adjust the strength you want.

I feel a TENS unit is more effective that taking pain medicine. You can put the unit on as long as you want and it won’t harm you. Just remember the battery will run out, so keep a well charged one on hand. I have run my unit two days on one battery.

The unit is great for sore muscles too. After a good workout, a hot shower, and then the TENS unit, I feel like a new person.

This unit is not recommended for children and will not help on central organs.

Be careful when wearing your unit, the wires hang out and they can get caught on something and pull the wires out of your unit or pull the patches off your back. Make sure you turn the unit off before you take the patches off or to rearrange them. If you don’t you can get shocked.

So if you have constant backache and don’t know what to do about it, ask your doctor about the TENS unit. Most insurance companies will cover most or all of the expense of one.

Well, it is time to hook myself up to my TENS unit and relax.